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Departure Rapid Antigen Test
Lateral Flow

Results in 20mins

Your Test Experience

You arrive at one of our testing sites at your scheduled appointment time.


You will be welcomed by one of our specialist sample collection officers.


We will scan your unique test QR code this can be printed or on your phone.

We may ask to see some photo ID either a passport or driving licence.


Your sample will then be collected from you by one of of our team using a nasal swab.

You will leave the site while your sample is processed on site.

Results will be emailed to you within 20 minutes with your result and a PDF Antigen test travel certificate.

Our device tests for the N Protein 

We are a government listed testing facility!

Book A Departure Antigen Test Below
Book Rapid Antigen Test

Not all countries accept a rapid antigen test for travel.


Requirements for entry to countries during the COVID-19 pandemic may differ and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and information before you travel. 

You will need to find out the  permitted sample collection window prior to travel. This window of time could be from your departure or arrival times. 


For the latest travel requirements contact your travel agent, airline or visit the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website.

You can book online using the scheduler below.

Testing is open every day.

Mon-Friday 9:00-16:30

Sat 9:00-12:00

Sunday 9:30-10:30

You will receive an email to complete your mandatory test information.


Ensure this information matches your passport as we use this to create your certificates. 


If you have any further questions or anything changes you can always call us and speak to one of the team.

Once you have completed the test information request you will receive your unique test QR code and and a booking reference number.


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