Green List Arrival Test 
In Person Day 2 Testing



Everyone allowed to enter England from outside the Common Travel Area (Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) from a Green List Country.



Passengers arriving into England by plane, ferry or train must book their tests before they travel; all passengers must complete a passenger locator form.

This page is for arrivals from Green list countries. 

Arrivals from ‘Amber List' Countries should book our Arrivals Test Package. Arrivals from 'Red list’ countries where travel to the UK is banned should seek Separate guidance and Testing.

You land in The UK from a green list country.


Mandatory Day 2 Travel Testing.

You can have your test for day two any time between arriving into the UK and the evening of day two.

Your Test Experience

You arrive at one of our testing sites at your scheduled appointment time.


You will be welcomed by one of our specialist sample collection officers.


We will scan your unique test QR code this can be printed or on your phone.

We may ask to see some photo ID either a passport or driving licence.


Your sample will then be collected from you by one of of our team using a throat and nasal swab.

We don't use the post.


One of our dedicated private drivers will safely transport your sample to one of our accredited laboratories.

We aim to deliver your results by 6pm the day AFTER your test. However, in some cases results could take a little longer.


We are a government listed testing facility!

You can book online using the scheduler below.

Day 2 Tests are available every day of the week.

If the day you require is not in the scheduler below, you can call our dedicated Covid team on 01793 677480.


We will help determine the best testing time for you.


You can also phone us about out of hours testing and expedited turnaround.

Once your test has been paid for you will receive an email to complete your mandatory test information.


It’s up to you to make sure you book your tests in on the right dates for your specific travel situation.

Once you have completed the test information request you will receive your unique test QR code and and a booking reference number.

If you are entering England and creating a Passenger Locator Form. You will be asked for your test booking reference number.


This will begin "RACOO"


Example Number:

Book Online - In Person Testing

Our Covid team are available on 01793 677480 if you need any help with the booking process, or are unsure when your sample should be taken.

Once you have paid for your package, you will need to schedule each test individually.

Full appointment instructions will be emailed with your booking confirmation.

Make sure you have checked out our test locations before you order your test.

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