Newcastle Ferry Passenger Terminal
North Shields

Approved Testing Partner

Racoo Screening Ltd is the approved provider of testing for DFDS. Testing both customers and crews to ensure safe international travel with minimal disruption.

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Passenger Terminal

International Passenger Terminal, Royal Quays,
North Shields,
NE29 6EE

Mon - Sun
  • Rapid Antigen Tests

DFDS Passenger Terminal

Pre-booking advised to save time.


Located inside the passenger terminal.

Your Test Experience

You arrive at the passenger terminal ready for testing at your scheduled appointment time.

If you are travelling by car park at the passenger terminal for your test.

Joining the queue by the covid testing area.


We will scan your unique test QR code this can be printed or on your phone.

We may ask to see some photo ID either a passport or driving licence.


Your sample will then be collected from you by one of of our team using a nasal swab.

You will leave the testing area while your sample is processed on site.

Departure antigen results take 20 minutes and you'll get a an email with your result and a PDF Antigen test travel certificate.

If you have issues contact the main RACOO office

01793 677480

TEST £55


TEST £95