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Racoo Now Offer Test to Release Covid Screening

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Test to Release booking slots are now available on the Racoo website for the week commencing Monday 1 February.

The Test to Release scheme allows passengers arriving in England, who book a private COVID-19 test, to reduce their required quarantine period from 10 to 5 days. The earliest passengers can take a test is five full days after they were last in a location not on the UK travel corridor list. Customers must check the latest government guidance before booking a test to ensure they are eligible for the Test to Release service.

Customers should ensure they book the specific Test To Release test type. online booking. ‘Racoo - PCR - Test to Travel’ bookings are not valid for customers who wish to opt-in to the Test to Release scheme.

The test is available per person. Customers who wish to book a test must complete the designated Test to Release booking form on the Racoo website.

"Under the ‘Test to release for international travel’ strategy, passengers arriving into England by plane, ferry or train should book their test before they travel; must complete a passenger locator form; and will still need to self-isolate for 5 days before taking a test rather than taking it at their port of arrival."

We're approved for 'Test To Release' to end your quarantine early!

Book your Test to Release Now In Swindon!

Book Here


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